Today, individuals and commercial enterprises have become more environment conscious. In fact, many businesses realise going green is one of the best ways to attract more customers. This would explain why scrap metal recycling has become so popular.

There are many things that people can recycle or reuse on a daily basis. Be it plastic, paper, cardboard box or even construction material like scrap metal can be recycled. When these items are recycled, it reduces the pressure on landfills and makes them more sustainable. Recycling also helps in proper waste management, helps to save energy, creates more jobs and goes a long way in conserving resources. 

16499515_sScrap Metal Recycling

Metal recycling has become very popular across the world and Malaysia is no different. More emphasis is given to scrap aluminium and scrap copper recycling, but basically any scrap metal can be recycled. The best part about metal recycling is that it can be recycled over and over again without any adverse effect on the metal and the output.

If your business is contemplating recycling metal, one of the first questions would be why you should opt for it. The answer is very simple – when you opt for recycling, you are reducing the effect metal making has on the environment. In addition, recycling helps to boost local economies by creating jobs.

Many businesses view certain metals as trash and end up casting them into garbage for disposal. However, these businesses can easily recycle this metal. Typically, your business should get in touch with a company that handles recycling of scrap metal. This company will then come to your premises and collect the metal and pay you for it.

Once the scrap metal is collected, it is taken to a facility where it is sorted. This segregation is done based on the metal composition. Once the metal is sorted, an inspection takes place to ensure the sorting is done correctly. Thereafter the metal pieces are melted with the use of a smelter.

Metal scraps are introduced gradually into the smelter and once these pieces melt, the melted metal is poured into moulds and allowed to cool down and solidify into bars. These bars are then sold off to different manufacturers who use them to produce metal-based products and items.

Scrap Metal Recycling and Environment

Although your business can make money by recycling scrap metal, it should be viewed more than a money making opportunity. It is an opportunity to help the environment and ensure natural resources are conserved.

If estimates are to be believed, about 70 million tonnes of steel and iron, 4 million tonnes of aluminium and 1.5 million tonnes of copper are recycled annually. This recycling helps to reduce air pollution by 86 percent, conserves about 74 percent of water and facilitates conservation of 90 percent natural resources.

Modern technology has made scrap metal recycling efficient and cost effective. With new processes being introduced, recycling of scrap metal can be done easily and effortlessly, and the recycled metal can be used to manufacture new and useful products. So, if your business is contemplating scrap metal recycling, you can go right ahead and divide into it. It will reap economic and environmental benefits and allow you to do your bit to make this world a cleaner and more sustainable place.