Conscious recycling helps the recycling facilities to reuse the discarded resources and reduce the need for virgin materials. The saying – someone’s trash is another person’s gold – is apt when it comes to recycling. Recycled products are energy and environment saving items that can serve the needs of consumerism. It also gives a person immense satisfaction when they contribute to the environment productively.

Getting started with your recycling plan is not a hard thing to do; you can always get the task accomplished when you leave home for work or outdoors. If you are looking to start consciously recycling, here are some tips that can help you get started.

Enroll in a recycling program

Several local communities in Malaysia have a recycling program to make recycled products. Some companies have curbside recycling programs while others have designated bins. Look up the Internet for such programs and enroll in one of them. Even the local city public works department can give you such information. Making use of recycling drop off centers helps recycling companies work more efficiently and conveniently.

Understand the usage terms

Most of the recycling companies will not accept everything that you discard. There are specific kinds of materials that they accept for recycled products.  For example, some curb side drop offs do not accept plastic bags, large pieces of furniture to name a few. Learn and understand what can be disposed. You also need o come up with a plan for using what cannot be disposed.

Make it easy on yourself

Set up designated bins in your household to dispose trash. It will be easier for you to just collect the items and dispose them in the recycling bins of the community. It is best to start small, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Start recycling at work

Start your own recycling project at work. Offices come up with daily disposal needs, like waste paper, shredded paper, cartons, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and electronics. Keep a cardboard box under your desk and request your colleagues to dispose items in there. Most office disposables are accepted by recycling companies.

Recycle while driving

Several people drink soda or soft drinks in their cars. This also includes pizza cartons, take away boxes, Styrofoam glasses and plates. Collect them in a bag in the car and drop it in a recycling box on the go.

Reuse what cannot be recycled

Several household items are not accepted by recycling companies. For example, plastic bags that you get from the grocery store are not accepted. Reuse these bags for your grocery shopping. You can do the same thing with shopping bags also. Try and put such things to use as much as you can.

E-waste recycling

Collect electronics and parts such as wires and cables. These materials can be sold at a local scrap yard or disposed in the recycle bin. E-waste is recycled by most recycling companies.


Most of the products can be reused or recycled. There is no point dumping them in municipal waste trash cans. Also when you shop look for recycled products to buy.