If you want to jump on to the recycling bandwagon, you should just start recycling old news newspapers. Paper is quite recyclable, and you will be helping save a large amount of trees too. New paper comes from trees- the more paper you use, the more trees are cut. Promoting recycling of paper is a really good way of preventing excessive deforestation.

Is paper recyclable?

Unlike plastic and metals, paper is very easy to recycle. It’s easy to convert one type of paper into another form. The process takes little time and effort, which is why it is so popular. Recycling plants are adept at recycling old news newspapers and reinforcing the paper, so it is as good as old. The process, itself, is not as complicated as some people think it is.

What else can you recycle?

Paper mills do take a large amount of old news newspapers, but those are not the only things you can recycle. They take a multitude of other paper products as well, including wrapping paper, magazines and used documents. But, of course, the fact still remains that people have a larger quantity of old news newspapers at home, when compared to magazines of gift wrappers, which is why paper recycling is usually known as newspaper recycling.

How does the paper recycling work?

Once you put the paper in the trash, the trash will be taken to a recycling centre. The centre will then separate metals, plastics, glass, etc. from the trash, and isolate the paper. Not all the paper you throw out is of the same quality. Newspapers are considered to be of low quality because there is a chance that it has already been recycled. Old news newspapers can be recycled seven times. After these seven times, the fibres on the paper become too small, and new paper fibre would have to be mixed. All the paper that is thrown out gets classified into grades, based on the number of times it’s been recycled before, and sorted out.

After it is sorted, the paper will be stored till it has to be recycled. Then, it is taken to the mill. In the mill, the paper is shredded to small pieces. This shredded paper is mixed with water and some chemicals too. Then, this mixture is heated, till it turns into a pulp. This pulp is then processed to remove any foreign items including ink and adhesives. Then, it is sprayed on to a belt, where it gets bonded and flattened.

What do you have to do?

As a consumer, there is not much you have to do to save old news newspapers. You just have to store the newspapers you get, and once you have collected enough, you can bring it by to the collector. It’s simpler than throwing it in the trash and waiting for the plant to separate it from trash. If you give it to a collector, you will help in the recycling of all that old news newspapers.