The world is a wonderful place, with so many beautiful things around us. Nature, perhaps, has the most colorful and beautiful objects. However, there is something else that is creating a flutter in the world of art and beauty. It is scrap metal sculptures. Whether it is auto parts, parts of discarded appliances or bits and pieces of hardware, they can be welded and reshaped to create beautiful work of art. In fact, this has become quite a trend and many people consider it fashionable to buy or own scrap metal sculptures.

Uniqueness of Scrap Metal Sculptures

Under normal circumstances, old appliances, computers and other pieces of metal, such as chains, screws and springs are thrown away and discarded. These items often find their way into landfills or illegal dumps, burdening these already burden sites and contributing to environmental problems. However, artists have taken up the cause of the environment and creating humorous, quirky, bizarre and/or cute art with these metal pieces and giving the sculpture a soul and context.

It is amazing to see these rusted pieces of metal being polished to shine or sometimes being kept stained and weathered, but each piece comes together and forms a unique part of a sculpture that can leave you spellbound.

Types of Sculptures

You may think scrap metal sculptures are a waste of time. On the contrary, many of these sculptures actually get turned into useful items and objects even if they are a work of art. It is quite common today to find tables, chairs, planters and wall hanging being made from scrap metal. In fact, you can buy cabinets and niches that have hammered tin details worked into them. You also can make wine racks, umbrella stands, clocks, picture frames and candlesticks that make superb gifts for friends and family.

A Worldwide Phenomenon

As the world is waking up to the uses of scrap metal, scrap metal sculptures have slowly become a worldwide trend. Artists across the world, including Malaysia are trying to use scrap metal in their artwork and doing their bit for the environment. If you go to Armenia, you should see the world of Ara Alekyan, who is considered a master of junkyard art; where as in Mexico painters are using tin as canvas to paint votive paintings of saints and other holy figures. Even in Tanzania artists are using scrap metal and transforming them into beautiful craftwork with animal and bird themes.

The Bottom Line

While you may not think twice about discarding a soup can after opening it, remember the environment and the harm you are causing to it. Why not collect your scrap metal and then sell it to a scrap dealer. Not only will you earn money, you also will be saving the environment from disaster. And for all you know some artist may pick up your scrap and transform it into a work of art that people around the world would admire. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your soup can ends up being a part of a scrap metal sculpture in some corner of the world? This definitely is worth thinking about.