As you know, people in countries all over the world are going green and taking precautions to make sure that the carbon footprint left on the environment is minimized. Recycling is one of the most popular ways to be eco-friendly. Every home and office has a large amount of waste materials that need to be disposed and finding ways to make sure that proper disposal and recycling is done is a fantastic way to save the planet. It is time to make the same efforts to recycle Malaysia and join the global cause for a safer environment for everyone.

Why We Should Recycle

Recycling is a great way to start taking steps towards becoming more eco-friendly. For years, there have been campaigns that support and encourage recycling and now, more people are realizing that it is important to do so. The effects of recycling waste have made a tremendous positive impact on the environment and it is vital that we continue to do so. When more efforts are made to recycle Malaysia, the community, our people and the world as a whole benefits from it.

Here are a few of the benefits of recycling:

  • Conservation of natural resources: When we start to recycle Malaysia, our various natural resources such as water, oil, metal, etc. are conserved. The amount of natural resources that is required to produce packaging and various products is also minimized by a considerable amount. Extraction and mining is also lessened, having a positive effect on our land and the natural habitat of many different wildlife species.

  • Conservation of energy: Did you know that when aluminum is recycled, it saves the energy required to produce it out of new materials by 95%? This is a fact! When you recycle scrap metals and other waste products, you help in conserving energy and that in turn benefits the environment. Recycling a single plastic bottle can help in saving enough energy to provide power to a 60-watt bulb for about 3 hours. That is reason enough to start recycling today!

  • Protection of the environment: If people begin to recycle Malaysia, we do our bit to protect the environment. Emission of greenhouse gases is lessened and we also depend less on landfills which is a major concern all over the world. Landfills are one of the major causes of toxic gas emissions such as methane. This causes great harm to the environment, thus damaging it.

  • Saving money: Recycling can help in saving money in every household. Materials that can be recycled go into the recycling bin and this decreases our need to put in more waste to the general waste bin, also known as black bins, several times a day. Collecting black bins cost more so recycling helps in saving money!

We should take more active participation in encouraging people to recycle Malaysia. Our communities and the people in them and our environment can be saved and protected. Our planet needs to be saved and we can do that by going green and being clean!