When your ScrapCar gets too expensive to keep it on the road, it is time to get rid of it. Scrap Cars are too expensive to maintain, as they can attract several fines when they fail a vehicle test. For many people, the alternative to avoid this situation is to hunt for a local car scrap yard. Moreover, it is really a soul crushing experience to drive your favorite joyride to a scrapcar yard and watch it being crushed to pieces. While it is an emotionally devastating situation, it used to leave you with a handful of change in exchange. Until yesteryears this process was not profitable or a pleasant experience. However, the world of Scrap Car has undergone transformation.  

The process of scrapping Cars has gone through significant changes mainly due to the World Wide Web and government regulations. Today, there are several options to send your scrap Car onto its final journey.

Scrap car valuation

How would you know, as to how much your Scrap Car is worth? The process is simple and all you have to do is visit an online valuation website, give in the particulars and the ScrapCar and you get an instant quote. Enter your post code and the registration number to get a local price. Some scrap car dealers also offer collection and delivery.

Scrapcar valuation does not take into consideration if your ScrapCar has been used for a long time or how many miles it traveled. All it cares about is how much metal can be obtained from the Scrap Car. The quotes that are generated through the valuation process, include, the size and the reusability of the ScrapCar.

What happens during scrap Cars recycling?

The recycling company would take the scrap Car apart, and segregate the hazardous metals first. They also ensure that these metals do not end up in a landfill. The next process sin step is to start the paperwork with the Malaysian Department of Motor Vehicles and get a Certificate of Destruction (COD). This certificate ensures that your scrap Car has really been destroyed and it has not been misused for any other purpose.

Some tips for selling scrap Cars

While selling your old beater, you will want to keep in mind some important things that no scrapcar dealer will tell you about. Essentially, you want to make sure that you are getting the right price and that the process is legal.

Here are some tips that you should use:

  1. Always choose a legally responsible company. For this, you need to ensure that the recycling company is valid and registered by the boards.

  2. Avoid the possibility of attracting fines from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Department has some mandatory rules of de-registration of a used vehicle which have to be complied with.  There are several dodgy operators who do not carry a license to recycle scrap Cars. Make sure that the company you are dealing with is a licensed proprietary.

  3. Choose an environment-friendly company. Don’t sell your Scrap Car to someone who is money minded and mishandles the ScrapCar. Your scrap Car has to be dismantled in a specific way that is safe for the environment. The hazardous materials have to be disposed without harming the environment.

  4. Understand the rules and regulations of how scrap Cars are recycled. The government regulations suggest that 85% of the scrapped Car can be reused.

These tips will ensure that you have done the right thing for your scrap Car.