There are several complexities associated with the document shredding activity as they posses confidential information within it such as business files, contracts, client’s data, personnel or medical records etc. As these are considered to be every organization’s intellectual assets, secured shredding activity has more importance than others. Secured Shredding services refers to the process by which private papers and confidential documents of any organizations were made into tiny pieces via suitable industrial mechanism with high security.

What is the needed for secured shredding services?
         If the secure shredding services is not properly undertaken, it may be misused by anyone and causes high risks and compromises clients/customers/companies future business contracts. Below are the types of corporate disclosure :
1) The corporate and strategic information;
2) financial and capital market data information;
3) directors and senior management information;
4) forward‐looking information; and
5) CSR.
          So the corporate/Lawfirm/other companies cannot just discard them as they like or pass them to the third party companies to recycle due to the associated data security, safety, confidentiality, compliance and environmental risks and policies with it. So it is highly essential to perform secured shredding services which includes private files shredding, hardcopy shredding, confidential papers shredding, document shredding, harddrive and media shredding etc,.

Our Environment-Friendly Secured Shredding Services
          We provide simple and secured shredding services that helps you to conserve your resources, confidential papers, informative documents, sensitive and private records cut waste disposal costs while reducing pollution and trash landfills thus ensuring pollution-free proper data destruction and secured shredding services. For organizations that require ongoing and verified documentation of the confidential papers and the onsite/offsite secured shredding services, our company team as a best physical/digital secured shredding services providers will provide secured shredding services for them.

          Secured Shredding services involves the process that we will shred your documents in a secure manner so it cannot be reused. Our firm can do one time or enter I to a long term contracts and will regularly collect and gather your documents/papers for providing secure shredding services from your premises at a scheduled time. Also we safeguard your confidential data against abusing and thefts while ensuring compliance with Malaysia safety and security standards. A complete security and proper maintenance is undertaken from the collection till secured shredding services thus maintaining throughout the entire secured shredding services.

Fast and Secured Shredding Services
          As recycling is the main motive in our secured shredding services, we include 3R’s which are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle strategies with our Malaysia business standards in this documents and private files secured shredding services. This gives us a unique insight into information security, secured shredding services as well as providing safe and secure environment friendly documents shredding, paper shredding and industrial secured shredding services with far-reaching solution for data security following all the Malaysia Security Standards.

Certified Data Secured Shredding services
        On the completion of the whole physical destruction and secured shredding services clients will be provided full documentation, acknowledging that your confidential documents were destroyed/shredded/disposed and your outdated records, private files were recycled which incorporated with the secured shredding services and according to the industry’s best practice. This certificate of secured shredding services together with photos/small video clips are provided as a proof for our secured shredding services activity to guarantee the security of your valuable data, during the secure shredding service at our place or on-site.