Cars that are old and high maintenance can be sold off to the scrap dealers. The whole process of selling scrap Car is very simple and easy. All you have to do is give your Car’s registration number and get a quote for it.

Some Cars that are beyond redemption are usually taken apart and sold of individually in the scrap market. Some scrap Cars which can be used are given off to poor people on charity.

Either ways scrap Car dealers are contributing environmentally and even socially. At the same time, by giving way you Car to scrap dealers, you will be helping several poor and homeless people.

Price you can expect for an old Car?

When you put up your Car in the scrap market, the dealer typically takes the registration number and check out the Car. They buy all Cars whether it can be used or not.

If your Car is going to be taken apart and sold off for various metals then you will be paid per pound metal obtained from the Car. If the Car is being bought by the dealer for reuse or charity, you will still get a good price for the Car.

Do not worry about taking the Car apart as the dealers are well equipped to do this job for you. There are several parts in the Car that can be reused like batteries, Carburetor, seats and steering wheel, for example. If the tires are in good shape they are taken for reuse. The remaining parts, like the Car doors and the body of the Car, are typically sold for metal.

How to sell the Car for scrap?

When you have decided to sell your Car as scrap, contact local scrap dealers. There are several in Malaysia that buy scrap Car. Usually, local dealers will give you a good price on it. They come and investigate the condition of the Car and they will give you an appropriate quote.

You may always want to check with one or two dealers at the same time. Since you are anyway disposing the Car you can make use of the best price being offered.

Process of selling Cars

When you make a deal with the scrap company, they will give you a letter of destruction. This letter authorizes them to destroy the Car if need be. Before the Car is sold it would require some amount of paperwork to be done from your end. However, the process is very simple and the dealers will guide you through it. You can also collect information by reading about the process on the internet. There are several resources available.

There are many people today who are selling their old Cars in the scrap market. Instead of keeping them lying as junk in their household or disposing it off to landfills, giving it away for scrap is a much more sensible option. Some scrap Cars have been sold for as much as $800, depending on their quality. Typically, Cars should be considered as scrap if they are more than 20 years old.