Scrap consists of recyclable items which is a byproduct of product manufacturing and consumption, such as vehicle parts, building equipment and other surplus materials. Scrapped substances have significant economic value when compared to waste.

How are Scrapped Materials Obtained?

Scrapped metal is obtained from commercial and also residential clusters. Initially it involves a scrapping company advertising their services for removing scrapped materials such as metal from used products. Scrap is transported to a breaking or wrecking yard where it is further processed to generate constituent parts or new products. The scrapped materials and the metals command good value as recycled products from scrapped materials.  Many scrap yards also sell scrapped materials such as steel and iron in bulk. They are usually sold by weight for its smelting value and quality rather than what item can be made from it. Equipment that contain different metals are also purchased at a price below that of the constituent metals, which helps in saving the cost involved in further transportation and processing.

One of the major challenges regarding scrapped materials is to fix scrap prices. They need to be updated as per market prices and it should also factor the costs involved for collection, transport and processing. The market rate of the scrapped substances, especially metals keep changing. Websites selling scrapped metals display prices and it is also better for one to directly get in touch with the scrap yard itself to purchase at lower prices.

Buying Scrapped Materials

Individuals and business owners in Malaysia can look into the scrap yard directories for buying scrapped materials or selling them. This direct interaction is preferred rather than going through intermediaries. There are many blogs and online e-commerce sites where it is possible to purchase scrapped materials online by comparing the prices of different companies involved in recycling and processing of scrap. For example, buyers can use magnet to differentiate between metals and other substances from scrap during the process of metal recycling which helps in salvaging and only buying the scrapped metal which they require.

There is a lot of potential for harvesting useful substances in scrap metal industry and with new technological breakthroughs, it is possible to generate high efficiency for processing scrapped material from waste. They are also generated cost effectively and instead of dumping them in the surroundings which can cause harm to the environment, recycling industry which process scrapped materials finds growing prominence in the waste management industry. The industry is only expected to grow further and in a developing country like Malaysia, there is a huge production of waste and scrap and at the same time there is more demand for recycled materials. The government policies also encourage the generation of recyclable items from scrapped materials such as metals, electronic items, plastics, glass, paper, card boards, cans etc. 

It is important that quality is maintained throughout the industry because any decline n quality can affect the whole recycling industry and the potential benefits associated with it in terms of costs and saving environment from pollution. A thorough waste management strategy involving scrapped materials holds the key.