There are many reasons why recycling of scrap metals like Aluminium Scrap is essential. It will not only help to reduce carbon, but it also helps prevents pollution, reduces green house gases, saves energy and the need for harvesting raw materials. One of the widely used metals on the day to day life is Aluminium. It is the third most abundant element available in our earth by its mass.
     Aluminium Scrap Metal Recycling is an environment friendly process. Aluminium is a non-magnetic metal, most versatile in nature. Unlike other metals, Aluminium is light-weight and does not conduct electricity. Because of this property, Aluminium Scrap is more suitable for both Industrial usage and Household usage.

     The most common source of Aluminium Scrap is from Household products such as Beverage Cans, Foils, Kitchen Utensils, Window Frames, etc., Aluminium Scraps can also be taken from both Household and Industrial Air Conditioners as well.
     Around 70% of Car Engine Bay consists of Aluminium Casting. Car parts such as AC Condenser, Starter, Radiator Coolant, Steering Rod & many other Parts and Accessories contains Aluminium Scrap.

     Aluminium Scrap Metal Recycling is very environmental friendly process and also the recycling of scrap metals like Aluminium Scrap Metal will prevent the storage of large metals and hence we are more productive on the consumption of nature and its resources. It’s easy to recycle and reuse metals especially Aluminium Scrap. Natural resources also get conserved through scrap metal recycling like Aluminium Scrap. Reuse of such Aluminium Scrap metals will reduce the potential of environmental hazards associated with mining.Recycle Metal (39)
     After Steel, Aluminium is the second most recycled metal and about one-third of Aluminium is extracted from the Aluminium Scrap products. Since Aluminium Scrap is non-ferrous metal, it is flexible, does not contain iron, it will not corrode and rust. Because of this nature, Aluminium will not lose its chemical properties and thus recycling of Aluminium Scrap Metals can be done repeatedly. Aluminium Scrap Metal is 100% recyclable material. Aluminium Scrap can be used on variety of Industrial Aluminium Scrap products like Aluminium Beverage cans, Raider Aluminium Boats, Aluminium Tabor, Aluminium Aircraft Wing Skins etc., because of its light weight property.
     Recycled Scrap Metals, especially the Aluminium Scrap is used for making many appliances. For any Light Weight Household Appliances, Aluminium is the first metal preferred for such applications. Hence the recycled Aluminium Scraps are used in many Household appliances and ofcourse in Industries & thus helping the environment with the minimal need of mining natural resources which are becoming very scarce nowadays.

    Scrap Metal (4) There are several important benefits on Aluminium Scrap Recycling. Aluminium Scrap Recycling from Aluminium Scrap products greatly reduces the emission amount of carbon dioxide which is the main contributor of global warming. We can keep our environment clean and preserve our natural resources by means of Scrap Metal Recycling like Aluminium Scrap.
     Aluminium Scraps are used in wide range of applications both in Industrial and Household products. There are various types of Aluminium Scrap products such as Aluminium Coke Tin Scrap, Aluminium Scrap Wires, Aluminium Litho Sheet Scrap, Aluminium Scrap Casting (mostly used for car engine and gear box), Aluminium Scrap Extrusion, Aluminium Scrap Gutters, Aluminium Scrap RIMS, Aluminium Scrap Foils etc.,

    Recycle Metal (2)Thanam Industry provides full-fledged solutions for the recycling of scrap metals such as Aluminium Scrap Recycling while staying true to our long-proven business approaches and philosophy. We are working with variety of customers from individuals to large corporate companies for the recycling of all types of scraps including metal scraps like Aluminium Scraps and E-Waste Scraps.
     We started as a family-run business more than 35 years ago. Thanam Industry believes not only in providing the best price and service but also in making it easier for customers to sell their Scrap Metals and E-Wastes at their convenience. Apart from these, we too provide free pick-up services (SUBJECT TO MINIMAL REQUIREMENT — FOR MORE CLARIFICATION, PLEASE CONTACT OUR PERSON-IN-CHARGE) and dismantling services of scrap metals such as Aluminium Scrap. We are handling all major categories of scrap metals and recycled non-ferrous metal scraps, including Copper Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Lead Scrap, Nickel Scrap and Zinc Scrap, and other non-ferrous metal scraps. All types of scrap metals from ferrous to non-ferrous metals like Aluminium Scraps are accepted by us and we offer the best affordable prices (PRICES BASED ON DAILY MARKET FLUCTUATIONS) for all the scraps acquired.
     We always care for the environment to minimize pollution, global warming and waste landfill disposals by encouraging Scrap Metal Recycling such as Aluminium Scrap. Our motivation is to create unique solution to help our customers to get all the benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling like Aluminium Scrap and Effective Waste Management through our valuable services.